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Version 1.3 of Tronsmart Onyx Neo Bluetooth headset is corrupted. After one, two or three charging the case stops working.

There is a chip inside headset case which is broken. You can replace this chip but it’s not an easy task. In order to do it you need some experience and special tool – air hotgun.

BUT there is much easier way. Although it won’t be a „full” repair but it enables you to charge you headset. Still – you will need soldering iron tool.

You make all repairs on your own responsibility!


  1. Dissemble case – simply put some tool (i.e. old credit card) and pry, it will pop out.
  2. Unscrew the two screws.
  3. Desolder two wires from the battery. GND & VBAT (pict.: 1 & 2, no 1 on 2 pict.) (sorry but in this repair variant in-case battery won’t work).
  4. Secure endings of battery or simply remove battery from case (it is glued).
  5. Don’t remove the whole chip – black color chip in middle of electronic board (pict.: 2, right). On attached photo it is in the white-shining color.
  6. Only desolder chip’s „legs”/ ending / soldering points (pict.: 2). If you try to desolder, they will probably fall off – they are not needed.
  7. Prepare a very short cable (red color on pict. 2). Before proper solder apply some tin to its both ends.
  8. Solder upper end of cable to third soldering spot (upper part), counting from left: {1}{2}{3}{4}.
  9. Solder lower end of cable to first soldering spot (lower part), counting from left: {1}{2}{3}{4}.
  10. Done! Headset placed in case will start charging – red LED on headset. Although LED in case won’t light on.

Auto turning on/off option isn’t working as it should so to be sure just hold both phones multi buttons for approx. 4-5 second and you will hear: ON / OFF message.

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